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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The selection of courses is one of the problems faced by the students who want to go on to college. Many students get confused to choose which courses are suitable for them. There are many factors that lead to it, such as the desire of the parents, the ability of self, goals, prospects, etc.. To overcome the problems mentioned above, it takes an application that is able to provide advice to students about which courses are suited to them. In designing this application, the authors use SDLC methods as a system development and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) methods as a weighting method is used.
AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) as a decision making model can be used to help overcome the above problems, because AHP can solve a lot of problems with the option of determining achievable goal among several quantitative and qualitative criteria at once.
Expected in the next development applications can combine with other methods that the proposed recommendation is more accurate according to the criteria used.

Keywords: decision support systems, methods ahp, courses, PHP, MySQL.


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